Origin Quick-Cover Rolltarp system:
Due to the intensified pressure on the infrastructure securing loads in agricultural transport has become a point of interest for legislating authorities. As a result demand for smart and affordable solutions to cover loads on agricultural tipper- and silage trailers increased proportional. Commonly the current available systems‘ appropriateness and moreover price were holding back their general acceptance in agricultural and commercial transport.
During our business trips throughout North-America we found a suitable and affordable solution which has been used in commercial and agricultural transport for decades. Subsequently we introduced the Quick-Cover Rolltarp system in Europe, after a significant period of research and development. Meanwhile hundreds of Quick-Cover rolltarp systems have been sold in several countries throughout Europe. The Netherlands are fully covered with a Quick-Cover dealer network and the dealer network in other European countries is growing rapidly which provides our customers with optimal service. Besides that, we are proud to distribute our Quick-Cover system through several well-known trailer manufacturers throughout Europe.

Quick-Cover Rolltarp systems are designed for application in the European agricultural transport sector. Canadian-based Michel’s Industries Ltd. manufactures tarping systems since 1969. 40 years of experience contributed to the simplicity and durability of the Rolltarp system. The construction and concept from the system as it is today has been practiced for almost 20 years. Michel’s Industries produces between 2000 bis 3000 tarp cover systems per year. As a result suitability and quality have reached convincing values.
The system fits most tippers, silage trailers as well as roll-off containers, manure spreaders, as well as trucks and trailers. With that offering a solution for safe transportation of silage to biogas plants and farms, protection against weather influences and pollution during transport of cereals and potatoes, as well as waste and bulk-goods.

The Quick-Cover system is easy to operate and moreover uncomplicated and maintenance free. The roll-tarp
system fits to a variety of trailers widths and length up to 9,75 meter. Assembly is relatively simple and can be done either by dealership or by the end-user himself. The system comes with durable Mesh sheet material as standard. The vinyl coating on the polyester material avoids sticking from maize and grass silage. The tarp has 4 strengthening bandings to ensure long-life durability. The wired mesh material reduces risk of wind to catch on windy spring or autumn days. For specific use in potato or grain transportation a waterproof vinyl sheet material is available. For extremely heavy conditions like construction waste or rocks we offer a heavy duty canvas material.
A heavy-duty electric motor winds the tarp sheet on a roll-tube. Spring-tensioned side arms pull the tarp over
the trailer either from front to rear or in the opposite way. Side arms and all connecting parts are made of durable aluminum which is stronger and lighter as steel and moreover ensures excellent stability in today’s high-speed agriculture.

Technical support & Spare parts:
Our technicians provide professional support towards our dealers and customers throughout several countries in Europe. If required we provide on-site technical training for our dealers. From our warehouse in the Netherlands we supply spare parts to all European countries in order to ensure a minimized limitation from our customers’ productivity.

Safety and legislation:
As an importer we consider safety as a top priority. Aparrently our products meet European safety legislation
Cover Rolltarp systems are tested and verified according to the norms as defined in the CE machine directives and come with an official CE Declaration of Conformity

Quick-Cover rolltarp system features:

• Cover your valuable yields - reduce loss during transport
• Fast and Easy operation - push button and cover in just 20 to 25 seconds
• Remote control operated from tractors cab  
• Loads are firmly secured - increased safety on public roads, in some countries obligatory
• Wide variety of models available - covering virtually any silage or tipping trailer 
• Different tarp sheeting materials available
• Heavy Duty aluminum frame - excellent stability and durability
• Easy to assemble, also retro-fitting used trailers
• Professional service support and parts supply -  dealernetwork in several countries 
• Competitive price

Quick-Cover - Cover your yields Fast & Easy!